Eenvoud at WordCamp 2022 - Eenvoud

Eenvoud at WordCamp 2022

26 september 2022

On the 15th and 16th of September, we went to the Arnhem’s Burger’s Zoo to participate at the WordCamp Nederland 2022.

It’s an informal event for anyone who works with WordPress. From hobbyblogger to developer and from self-employed to agencies; everyone is welcome. The main goal is to share ideas and build relations.

During 2 days hundreds of people attended a variety of conferences and workshops. Sustainability was the main theme for this edition. We learned that making a website more sustainable also had an impact on its performance. 

This was also part of the presentation of the founder of Yoast, Joost de Valk, who gave a very interesting speech about the importance of considering the environment when creating a website. He added that websites can be visited by ‘crawlers’ that visit as many pages as possible to expand their data. So by removing pages that are not used anymore, you can improve the performance of your website, and this will also improve the SEO.

Thanks to Jerome Tool, Tech Lead at Wholegrain Digital, we learned concretely how, step by step, we could reduce the carbon footprint of a website by more than 90%! This is the result of a decrease in the volume of files, such as photos or videos. By using more call to action or darker colors, screens consume less energy to display them. 

We were also able to attend more technical conferences related to WordPress, such as API, terminal, CSS, design systems, AJAX but also related to business and marketing.

On the creative side we had the chance to listen to Liesbeth Smit. She worked on a very interesting project for The European party the GREENS/EFA. They asked her to create their EU campaign on the upcoming Digital Services Act (a new legislation to ban surveillance-based advertising).

For this she was inspired by the design of Windows 95 and recreated the whole interface using WordPress and CSS. She explained to us how she made this complex subject fun and accessible, thanks to scrollytelling. 

Between the workshops we had the pleasure to visit the Burger’s Zoo and to enjoy two sunny days (although a little cold) to admire the beautiful specimens that the zoo has.