Meet the team: Stefanie - Eenvoud

Meet the team: Stefanie

13 september 2018

Whoohoo, the newest member of our Eenvoud team has arrived. A big welcome to our kick-ass intern, Stefanie. With her love for editing films, chewing gum and – if not forgotten – earplugs, she is ready to rumble!

I can’t go a day without
Not listening to music. I listen music everywhere! While I’m waiting on the bus or sitting on the toilet. We have a new Sonos box at home and I love it!
I am such a big music fan of oldskool r&b, future r&b and soul. If you notice I’m a little grumpy its probably because I forgot my earplugs.

My favorite guilty pleasure is definitely the movie/series
Bridget Jones and Rush Hour. I never get bored watching these movies, even though I know what is going to happen in these movies. I still laugh out loud when those moments occur.

My secret superpower is
Film-editing. Its a skill I never thought I had. For a school assignment we needed to create a corporate story and I was editing for hours every day because I really enjoy doing it. I dedicated all my free time to develop this film.
Here a link!

My favorite app is
Thoughtcatalog. This is a digital magazine with interesting articles and stories from writers all over the world. They write all kinds of stories in different themes.
And the Vice app because they document extra ordinary articles and its entertaining to read.

I like my coffee
Without sugar if I have coffee. But I prefer tea, my favourites are Moroccan, Green and Jasmin tea also without sugar.