Meet the Team: Niels - Eenvoud

Meet the Team: Niels

6 maart 2020

As captain of his own houseboat, he can handle even the strongest PHP storms. If something is broken, just give him a screwdriver and he will fix it. Welcome aboard Niels!

I can’t go a day without
Dreaming of sunny day’s, sailing the seas and enjoying live with my wife and dogs. I love being outside, preferably in nature and not to cold or wet.

My favorite guilty pleasure is the movie/series
I watch television every day with the plate on my lap. My favourites recently were The End of the F***ing World , The Peaky Blinders and also Dix Pour Cent

My secret superpower is
Fixing everything that is broken! Is it electric, just give me aan screwdriver or a soldering iron, is constructive than give me a hammer and a saw and if it’s digital, just give me PhpStorm and Xdebug.

My favorite app is
One app that is helpful for me would be Pontveer, it always gives me the exact time for the next departure of the ferry that brings me back and forth to Amsterdam North, my home.

I like my coffee
Strong and without anything else then just coffee