Meet our team: Philippe - Eenvoud

Meet our team: Philippe

10 mei 2017

We had some spice on our interview couch today. Philippe is our passionate and always cheerful WordPress Developer. He uses his precision and creativity to create one-of-a-kind and user friendly websites for our clients. The way to Philippe’s heart is Indomie and (a lot) of sambal!

I can’t go a day without
my noodles. I just love indomie (especially mi goreng rendang flavor). I could eat it everywhere, any time of day, as breakfast, lunch or dinner. It doesn’t matter. I like it with or without an egg, and I like to spice it up with a lot of sambal, because I like it hot as hell.

My favorite guilty pleasure is definitely the movie/series
Sons of Anarchy and Peaky Blinders. It’s about family, respect and honor. Those are all of the things I find important in life.

My secret superpower is
sharpshooting. I’m always able to hit my target. I work with great precision and have an eye for detail. That’s how I make the perfect website.

My favorite app is
Shazam! When you hear a good song at a party and you don’t know the name, it is such a life saver!

I like my coffee
strong and black. Although I have to admit, we have the best latte macchiato here.