Meet the team: Lilian - Eenvoud

Meet the team: Lilian

14 januari 2019

New new new! Another Eenvoudian on the interview couch. This time it is our lady developer Lilian! Giving Aquaman a run for his money due to the amount of swimming diplomas she has, still enjoys her morning coffee rolled up in a buritto-blanket and has a talent for Coding. What more could you ask for?

I can’t go a day without
Coffee. The smell and taste of my first cup of coffee in the morning on the couch under a blanket, still half asleep, is the best and worst part of the day but couldn’t live without it.

My favorite guilty pleasure is definitely the movie/series
It takes two, I know 90 percent of the script.. The only good movie the Olsen Twins ever played in.

My secret superpower is
Walking from the kitchen to the living room with as much as possible. So for example: the sweet chili sauce and my glass of water in the left hand, plate in the right hand, bag(s) of chips in my mouth, something else in between, spoon in my left-over little finger, etc.
Also, I’ve 11 swimming diplomas.

My favorite app is
‘1010!’ Look it up… it’s a sort of Tetris but different… I do this almost every day at least once, maybe this is the reason I like coding; actually I’m kind of nerdy.

I like my coffee
Call me a hipster or call me a quinoa-kut, but my favorite coffee is definitely a cappuccino with oat milk (tipped with some cacao powder).