Meet the team: Daan - Eenvoud

Meet the team: Daan

2 april 2019

He already made his entrance here at Eenvoud by being ’too good’ at table football, loves the ‘kneuterige’ things in life and even has his own clothing line. Here is our awesome new design intern: Daan!

I can’t go a day without
Cigarettes. Unfortunately.

My favorite guilty pleasure is definitely the movie/series
De Rijdende Rechter en Bed&Breakfast on Dutch television. It shows the most typical Dutch men and women discussing non-important things in life. Those are my favourite kneuterige guilty pleasures.

My secret superpower is
Not getting the tape from a roll of tape.

My favorite app is
Radiooooo. Radiooooo is an app that shows you the map of the world and every decade from 1910 till now. You can select a country and a decade, and music from that specific country and year will play. It is a great way to discover new music from all over the world.

I like my coffee
Black with a little spoon of sugar. Or two.