Meet the Team: Wassima - Eenvoud

Meet the Team: Wassima

16 september 2021

Our new intern runs (running is better then driving, trust us) without coffee and already organised a hawai barbecue party in her first week to show off her project management skills. Join her on the couch and welcome Wassima to the Eenvoud team.

I can’t go a day without
My cat and chocolate. Every day when I get up my cat stands obediently next to my bed and follows every step I take. Then we cuddle and she gets something to eat. Chocolate is my favourite type of snack. I literally eat it every day.

My favourite guilty pleasure is the movie/series
My quilty pleasure series is Friends. I like to have that on in the background when I’m working on something. I’ve seen the series 3 times already and I haven’t finished watching it yet.

My secret superpower is
Forgetting words quickly in the middle of a conversation. Sometimes I can’t get my words out and I’m really trying to find the words.

My favorite app is
The Stepsapp. I love that there is an app that keeps track of how many steps I take per day. I also check that app daily.

I like my coffee
I don’t drink coffee but if I did drink it I would drink it without sugar.