Meet the team: Suzanne - Eenvoud

Meet the team: Suzanne

9 oktober 2017

Our new awesome Designer Suzanne is a real go-getter. All she needs is her headphones and a caramel macchiato to produce some kick ass designs. Read all about Suzanne, how to calm the chaos in your head and ice-cream below!

I can’t go a day without
Tea. I drink tea all day every day. Yes, even in summer!

My favorite guilty pleasure is definitely the movie/series
Black mirror. Not really a guilty pleasure, but I’m fascinated by what technology can do with our world. Recently some things from the show became reality, when Apple launched their iPhone 10.

My secret superpower is
Making organised chaos! As a designer I am a bit chaotic sometimes. Mostly in my head and on the computer, but I love to organise the chaos and make my designs look like it’s really simple.

My favorite app is
Headspace. It’s an app with podcasts that help you meditate. The app has cute graphics and a great user experience. It is a big inspiration for me. I also follow a lot of technology focused Facebook pages, which are very cool.

I like my coffee
With a lot of milk, sugar and some caramel a.k.a. caramel macchiato from Starbucks. Or frozen, coffee ice-cream is delicious. Ice-cream in general is something I really love.