Meet the team: Steven - Eenvoud

Meet the team: Steven

20 januari 2021

In our quest to conquer the world, the first Russian speaking Eenvoudian has joined the team. He drinks his coffee bulletproof (without a shot) and has a solution to every problem you can think of. Добро пожаловать, Steven

I can’t go a day without
Wim Hof breathing exercises, I do them for about half an hour or four rounds almost every day.

My favorite guilty pleasure is the movie/series
Black Books – a British comedy show about a bookshop owner, his assistant and his neighbour. I’ve watched every one of the total 18 episodes at least 5 times, and my favourite episodes probably more than 20 times. Even though I know all the episodes by heart I still think they are very funny and very well made.

My secret superpower is
Solution oriented thinking.

My favorite app is
Sleep Cycle. You wake up and it tells you how well you slept by giving you a percentage score where 0% is really bad and a 100% is perfect. It does so by analyzing the sound of your breath throughout the night. Brilliant.

I like my coffee
Bulletproof – black coffee with a bit of butter and/or coconut butter. You drink it after you mix it in a blender and it gives you enough energy to keep going all day. Make sure the lid of the blender doesn’t come off though!