Meet the Team: Sam - Eenvoud

Meet the Team: Sam

13 oktober 2022

When we heard our new developer has a second brain in an app, we were in complete ore. As you know good developers are rare to find nowadays so Sam is as important as پلو in Iran. (PS. we are waiting on a good persian lunch). Join us in welcoming Sam to the team and learn about his favourite series, app and superpowers.

I can’t go a day without
The internet. I love to do research, develop my ideas, collaborate on open-source projects, and catch up with brilliant people worldwide.

My favourite guilty pleasure is the movie/series
Watching standup comedies. I enjoy humor and good jokes. I often come up with my own dry lines.

My secret superpower is
Cooking tasty dishes. I appreciate good food, and I happened to practice my cooking skills abroad in order to prepare delicious Persian dishes that I’ve been missing dearly.

My favourite app is
Obsidian. I have an intriguing cherry-picked selection of tools that make life and work easier for me, but Obsidian stands out for me personally, since it helps me to manage my knowledge, thoughts, and ideas. Kinda like a second brain!

I like my coffee
Brewed in pure milk. It may sound strange to you, but that’s how I first tasted coffee and couldn’t switch ever since.