Meet the team: Robbert - Eenvoud

Meet the team: Robbert

17 augustus 2020

Don’t be alarmed when our newest developer starts singing out of the blue. If you do not find yourself suddenly in an ice palace, he might just be conjuring up an app. give him some good music and a cappuccino and he will rock your world. A warm welcome to our newest developer Robbert! PS. watch out for his lowkick.

I can’t go a day without
Music. Whether it is listening or playing, I can’t imagine a day without music.

My favorite guilty pleasure is the movie/series
Frozen! I love watching Disney movies with my children. “Inside out” is one of my favourites. It’s not really a movie for children.

My secret superpower is
My lowkick ????

My favorite app is
WhatsApp. Best app to manage your social live.

I like my coffee
Italian way; in the morning cappuccino. After that espresso! Preferably in a nice small café in Turin.