30 juli 2020

If there were a button to automatically create a website in Google Home, our newest colleague would have it. Join us on the couch with our newest developer and project manager Peter.

I can’t go a day without
Snoozing in the morning, mostly after having been woken up a bit too early by my little guy of whom I need a certain daily dose of as well.

My favorite guilty pleasure is the movie/series
The avatar, the last airbender (the legend of Aangh), awesome animation series from the zeroes. The movie was awful though, M. Night Shyamalan…

My secret superpower is

  • Being a Niceguy
  • Laziness as a virtue, it forces me think about the most efficient way to approach challenges, think before you act!
  • Spotting blind spots and noticing possible bottlenecks long before they were bound to actually occur and making sure all is accounted for.

My favorite app is
Google Home, controlling the world around me straight from a bed, sofa or chair.

I like my coffee
Fluffy (and many, but I am trying to go decaf after lunch).