Meet the team: Lois - Eenvoud

Meet the team: Lois

8 februari 2018

Hip hip Hooray, we have a brand new Project Manager! Lois, also know as “Miss I stay cool, when you need me the most”, has the magic skills to manage everything smoothly. From all the projects, to every photo needed, your design questions, the office, and even all our burning life questions. Give her a Starbucks cup with a misspelled name, filled with all the sugary goodies & she rocks your world.

I can’t go a day without
Music. I don’t have any favorite genre, it depends on my mood to what I want to listen to. That’s why I like music so much. Relax with a bit of Deep house, wake up with a bit of Rock or channel your inner Disney princes by singing along to ‘Let it go‘.

My favorite guilty pleasure is definitely the movie/series
Harry Potter. I’ve probably watched the whole series 5 times already. It amazed me how JK Rowling created this world and sometimes I even wish some of it was true. I can not wait for the new Fantastic Beast movie to be released!

My secret superpower is
Connecting people. I love to organize things and bring people together.

My favorite app is
Spotify. To discover new music! ????

I like my coffee
I’m a huge fan of the Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, even though they always seem to get my name wrong (I wonder why..). But a normal cappuccino or latte macchiato is fine too..