Meet the team: Claire - Eenvoud

Meet the team: Claire

14 oktober 2020

Our latest intern will magically create drawings and your perfect outfit in a blink of an eye. Since the beginning of September Claire joined us to polish her skills in UX and visual design. Join us on the couch to find out about her item, her super powers and her favourite coffee.

I can’t go a day without
My iPad, my cat and dog, I love to draw on my iPad and cuddle with my cat and dog.

My favorite guilty pleasure is the movie/series
Harry Potter, I rewatch the movies every year.

My secret superpower is

  • Being clumsy, It makes people laugh and I love making people laugh
  • I always know what to wear 
  • I reply fast when you text me 

My favorite app is
Pinterest and instagram.

I like my coffee
I love a cappuccino with cinnamon and honey on top.