Meet the Team: Celine - Eenvoud

Meet the Team: Celine

22 augustus 2022

After playing a lot of board games our latest team member has found her biggest board game yet: Eenvoud. Give a warm welcome to our newest team member Celine and find out more about our new project manager’s guilty pleasures, super powers and favourite app.



I can’t go a day without
Playing boardgames. On my phone or in real life, love to be in a strategic battle. My favourite one is Backgammon, the travel size you see above!

My favourite guilty pleasure is the movie/series
Dutch movies and series. But my favourite is B&B vol liefde, a television program where typical Dutch women and men are trying to find someone to build a life with at their bed and breakfast.

My secret superpower is
Creating something out of nothing.

My favourite app is
Spotify. From listening to music all day to relaxing with an interesting conversation or story in a podcast.

I like my coffee
On the rocks with some milk!