Meet the Team: Arthur - Eenvoud

Meet the Team: Arthur

12 oktober 2021

Our newest lo-fi artist sneak(er)ed into the office to become our new design intern and to find out which coworker we replaced with an identical twin. Tune in and read more about his guilty pleasures, superpower and his favorite app. Join us in welcoming Arthur to the team.

Arthur on the couch holding sneakers

I can’t go a day without
Music and riding my motorcycle. If I don’t produce music I just listen to it everyday. The best thing is riding on my motorcycle with music on.

My favourite guilty pleasure is the movie/series
My guilty pleasure series are: Chateau Meiland, Ex On The Beach, Kopen zonder kijken and Temptation Island. They’re all just so funny and crazy in their own way. Most of the time I watch these series with my friends because they’re too good to watch alone. 

My secret superpower is
Recognising doppelgangers for my friends.

My favorite app is
Spotify For Artists. This is the app I use to track all my stats for my music. I use it multiple times a day to check how my tracks are doing.

I like my coffee
Iced with caramel sauce.